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Dry hops and a new winter brewing gadget

The Off The Topper calls for two batches of dry hops, which I painstakingly weighed out and put in a muslin bag to add to the fermenter. This is, by far, the most hops I've ever brewed with. I'm a little nervous about how it will turn out, but I have high hopes.

From Carboy

As fall descends and the temperatures drop outside, it gets to be harder to keep a fermenting beer at the right temps. This year, I'm deploying a new gadget, the FermoTemp. Think of it like an electric blanket for your carboys. Rather than trying to hide my fermenters in my chidlren's upstairs closet, now I can keep my carboy at 72 degrees in the basement brew room, even when the room temperature is under 50, by hooking it to the same temperature controller I usually use for my beer fridge. I think this will be a game changer for winter brewing.

From Carboy

Recipe for Off The Topper

Imperial IPA, All-Grain

6 gallon batch


13.5 lb Fawcett Pearl Malt
12 oz Baird’s Light Carastan Malt
12 oz White Wheat Malt

Turn off heat at end of boil, add Flame Out Hops.
Allow to stand for 10-15 min before chilling
- 2 oz Simcoe
- 1 oz Columbus
- 0.5 oz Apollo
Once the wort has cooled to 180 degrees, stop chilling and add the following hops. Allow to steep for an additional 10-15 min, then resume chilling.
- 1 oz Columbus
- 1 oz Simcoe
- 1 oz Amarillo
- 0.5 oz Centennial
- 0.5 oz Apollo
Dry hops
Split the dry hops in half, and add in two different stages.
Dry hop with half in primary for 4 days, then transfer to secondary and dry hop with the other half for another 4 days.
- 2 oz Simcoe
- 1 oz Columbus
- 1 oz Amarillo
- 1 oz Centennial
- 0.5 oz Apollo

10 mL Hopshot, 60 minutes at start of boil<br /> 1 lbs Brun Leger, 0 minutes at end of boil

WLP095 Burlington Ale Yeast

Original recipe from Northern Brewer.

Mash schedule

Heat 18.75 quarts to 212° F
Saccharifcation rest for 60 minutes at 151° F
Heat 9.84 quarts strike water to 212° F
Mash out for 10 minutes at 170° F
Heat 12.2 quarts of sparge water to 170° F
Sparge out.

Fermentation schedule

14 days primary fermention at 68° F
Add first dry hops at day 10
14 days in secondary fermenter
Add last dry hops at day 24


  • ABV: 6.9 percent

Stats by iBrewmaster

By Tom on 11/09/2017

Stage: Secondary

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